The Every Body Collective is a movement to create a more diverse fitness community. EBC's motto is simple: "fitness is for every body and everybody." 

It's based on the idea that representation really matters when it comes to getting people into movement and sports. Our current fitness culture isn't exactly inclusive—EBC wants to help shift that.


We're amateur athletes and volunteers. We lead by example. We sweat for fun. Maybe some of us were picked last in gym class back way back when, but now we're shining in weekend 5ks or hip hop classes or soccer games.

We were once afraid to speak up, but now we're our own representatives. We're all shapes, sizes, ages, races, sexualities, and abilities. You belong here!

The game plan

  • Curating #StartingLines, stories about real people's fitness journeys
  • Sharing resources that promote fitness sans diet culture 
  • Growing a community of supportive amateur athletes via social media

    Have a story or resource to share? Get in touch!