Here you’ll find links to some of my favourite resources, including websites, Instagram accounts, podcasts and more. They’ve all been instrumental in helping me on my road forward. Have a resource to recommend? Send EBC an email or hit me up on Instagram! (Seriously, I need book recommends.)

Body Positive movement resources

• Couch to 5K
Running program for beginners—any time I fall out of my running rhythm, I usually get back into the swing of things with C25K.

Equipment-free workouts to do at home for when you can’t afford the gym (or just straight up hate it).

Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Finder
A new tools to help you find BOPO fitness hubs across the U.S. and Canada! (They also have some pretty dope size-inclusive workout gear).


Whether you need company on a long run, during a workout, stuck in traffic on your commute, or while you’re cleaning your place…
Movement Podcasts

300 Pounds and Running & The Long Run Podcast
Not Your Average Runner
Run, Selfie, Repeat

Nutrition & Body Image Podcasts (#riotsnotdiets)
Food Psych with Christy Harrison
The Food Freedom/Body Love Method
She’s All Fat


Ample Movement
Big Girl Barbell
Unlikely Hikers

Body positive books

I won’t list anything here I haven’t personally read… and I’m always looking to expand my reading list. #getatme

Fitness & Movement
• Marathoning For Mortals by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield
• A Beautiful Work in Progress by Mirna Valerio

Nutrition & Body Image
• Landwhale by Jes Baker
• Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
• Shrill by Lindy West