Weekly Roundup: Nike's New Accessible Basketball Shoe, Plus-Size Yogi Jessamyn Stanley, And The Effects of Mouthwash on Your Workout

Nike Announces The Air Zoom UNVRS For Athletes Of All Abilities

Source: Nike News

Source: Nike News

Nike announced the launch of the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS, a basketball shoe designed with special features to make wearing possible for people of all ability levels. The Zoom UNVRS has “a magnetized heel that folds down and connects to the midsole. This function opens the shoe up so that it is quick and easy to put on and take off (wearers can efficiently slide the foot in and out with no hands) .” Also, it looks pretty cool.

According to DisabilityScoop, the shoe was designed with WNBA player Elena Delle Donne. Delle Donne helped develop the shoe with insight from her sister Lizzie, who has cerebral palsy, autism and is also deaf and blind. The shoe is part of Nike’s FlyEase line, which was originally developed after a 16-year-old boy with cerebral palsy wrote the company an open letter asking for a shoe he could put on independently.

Nike will launch the Nike Zoom UNVRS in November 2019.

Read the press release here.

Queery Interviews Jessamyn Stanley, Plus-Size Yogi & General Badass

ICMYI, Queerty did a great interview with author, yogi, body positive advocate and Instagram inspiration Jessamyn Stanley this week. Stanley shared her best “workout tip” (it’s not what you think), how yoga prepares her for everyday life, and why she recommends Bikram-style yoga to beginning practitioners.

They also asked her about her motivation for doing yoga and working out:

“I think of movement just like overall maintenance for the human body, the same you would do for car or your house. So for me, it’s helpful to think of as taking care of my body. So, what feels fun? What feels effortless?” - Jessamyn Stanley

Study Finds Using Mouthwash May Be Bad For Your Workout (What?)


Weird findings: a new study has shown that using mouthwash on the days you decide to get moving may keep the workout from lowering your blood pressure effectively.

From Study Finds: “Researchers say that mouthwash cut the blood pressure benefits of exercise by 60% over the first hour of recovery, completely negated any benefits when participants used mouthwash two hours after a workout.”

For more info, check out the article on Study Finds.

Four Reasons To Workout Outdoors This Winter

jason-leung kids ice skating

It’s the middle of November and, if you live in the North of the Northern Hemisphere, that means the weather’s already cold or things are about to take a very dramatic turn.

Unlike October, it’s not frosty in the morning and blazing by noon. Unlike December, there’s still some mildness to spare before we’re all plunged into a deep freeze for the next four to six months.

With snowstorms looming and early sunsets on the horizon, we would all be justified in planning hibernation instead of packing our schedules with physical activity—winter fitness? It’s kind of awesome.

No, really—and I have a highly-scannable list of reasons to prove it.


1. Kicking SAD’s Butt

Seasonal Affective Disorder (AKA SAD) can leave you drained of energy, moody, and feeling like a stock photo of a forlorn guy looking out a window pane.


Now don’t get me wrong: working out is not a cure for depression, BUT it does produce a feel-good boost of endorphins in your brain that keeps some of the SAD at bay. And sure, you can work out in a gym and get some of the same effects—but a crisp powerwalk outside gives you a chance for fresh air and Vitamin D.

The alternative? Spending time in a cramped gym, building up a slow-churning rage while someone hogs the squat rack. Sad.

2. Staying Cool On YouR Own Terms

Summer workouts can mean sweating in places you didn’t know you could sweat—and probably some you shouldn’t be. Winter workouts actually can give you more control over your body temperature than warm weather ones.

During the winter, the simple trick is to add more layers. You should be comfortable—not hot, not freezing—when you step out into the elements. If you’re chilly, head back inside and add another layer on. And, if you’re TOO warm once you get moving—you can tug off that toque or roll up your sleeves. Custom control, people!

winter running outfit

3. Adding Resistance With Snow

Think about any training montage in any movie and there’s probably a clip of the hero running on the beach because they’re a badass, and adding resistance with sand is badass. Well, you get the same badass effect from running in snow. Increased resistance means increased badass effort and badass muscle development, you badass.

Really though, one of my favourite runs of any given year is the one that comes after the snow melts and clears off the sidewalks. After hustling in the snow all winter you feel like an Olympian on clear sidewalks. You feel like you could fly.

(Note: I recommend traction aids for running in snow AND ice. We’ll talk about this in another post.)

4. Winter Sports Are Fun Eh?

If you told me to run up a hill, I would do it, but I’d hold a grudge. BUT if you told me to run up a hill and jump on a toboggan, I’d want to run up that hill about nine more times.

This could be my tragically Canadian sensibilities, BUT winter offers up all sorts of cool activities we don’t have readily available all year, and lots of them are fun and cool (and would look great on your Instagram). Snowshoeing, ice skating on outdoor rinks, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights—all wicked wintery ways to get your heart pounding and your sweat on.

Do you keep moving outdoors in the winter or hit the gym until spring? What’s your favourite-ever training montage?

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