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#Streakcember In Review: Taking On A Holiday Run Streak

From December 1st to December 31st 2018 I went streaking every day.

It was thirty-one days of running from the beginning of the holiday season all the way to the last day of the year. (Even though, yes, I am one of those afflicted souls who thinks Christmas season begins after Remembrance Day.)

Some days of the run streak I finished more than a mile, some days I didn’t want to run at all, and one I almost forgot completely, busting out the running shoes at a late hour to keep the dream alive. Still, at the end of the month I was victorious—and despite the struggle, I think this is something I might keep up every December as long as I’m able.

#Streakcember has become a bizarre framework to my celebration of the holiday season. Where will I end up running my mile? How will I fit my run into the middle of all the festivities? How bad can running be with a mulled wine hangover?

It’s cause to ask me little questions of my dedication. It’s a way to keep the proverbial fire going, even when I’m too busy to put in more distance. Oh, yeah—and a great way to scope out all the houses in the neighbourhood with the best Christmas lights.

Because of Streakcember I’ve dashed through the snow on Christmas day. I’ve run in a Santa costume and also jeans and my old lawn-mowing sneakers when I ended up at my parent’s house and had no gear.

It’s the bizarre determination and utilitarian spirit of the challenge which keeps me coming back for more. You make it work. The distance is small enough that up-and-quitting isn’t necessarily a real option. There’s the fact that when you’re done, it feels like a Christmas miracle and you start the new year off with a little extra pride at what you finished.

#Streakcember, it was a blast. I’ll see you in just about twelve months.

For now, we have memories. And this video—1 second of footage for every day of running in December. So in a way, like… WAY better than memories.

#Streakcember Is Coming—Let's Go Streaking!

#Streakcember Run Streak

(Air horn noise) 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, people—#Streakcember 2018 is upon us!

Uh, what’s #Streakcember?

Great question! #Streakcember is a challenge which takes place from December 1st to December 31st OR January 1st—whichever you decide. Participants choose one activity and commit to doing it every single day for at least 10 minutes a day.

Once again this year I’m committing to running at least one mile every day, in solidarity with the Runner’s World Run Streakers… and for fun! (Have you ever had two Christmas-morning mimosas and then run through your snowy neighbourhood full of cheer and joy for the world like George goshdarn Bailey? I HAVE.)

Does my streak activity have to be running?

Heck no! It can be biking. Yoga. Calisthenics. Walking. Rowing. A daily dance party for one. If it gets your heart pumping, it’s a great choice for streaking.

(…Except actual streaking. I don’t recommend that for meteorological or legal reasons.)

Why should I try #Streakcember?

• Allows you to keep up a workout routine during the busy holiday season
• Challenges you while only asking for a tiny fraction of your day
• Gives you a head start on any movement-related New Year’s resolutions you’re cooking up
• Gives you a feeling of accomplishment and positive proof you can achieve your goals
• Is a freaking blast!!!

Seriously, I completed my first run streak this way last year, and on New Years Day, after running for 32 days straight, I was more energized than ever to keep up my routine. I victory danced. I almost did a cartwheel.

How do I join in on #Streakcember?

You don’t have to sign up for anything in order to participate in #Streakcember. BUT if you want, I’ll be posting with the hashtags #Streakcember and #EBCStreakcember all month long. It’s a great way to share your daily success and struggles, connect with other streakers, and celebrate the end of 2018 together.