blog update

What Comes Next: The Future of The EBC Blog

Just a heads up, the blog is going to go through some minor changes in the next few months, mostly in terms of content.

In short, you can expect:

• More personal blog entries from me
• Possible re-branding to reflect the more personal nature of the blog
• A new batch of #StartingLines

The fact is, I’ve been trying to write this blog like it’s a big charity or an established entity (maybe someday, goodness knows I’ve got plans)! But because of this, I feel like it lacks a personal touch and it’s keeping me from updating as often as I would like to. I want this to be a space where I can share my own experiences while continuing to connect and share my talks with others as well.

At the beginning of The Every Body Collective, the plan was to keep myself out of the content almost entirely. With the exception of my own #StartingLine or random list to use my experiences for the power of good, I wanted to focus in on other people’s stories and keep myself off of the stage.

However I’ve realized that’s a difficult to do because:

• I’m a writer and that means… I want to write stuff
• People are busy and I only get them for a limited amount of time, which means consistency suffers
• I have access to my own experiences as fodder for blogs… All the time.
• If my argument is that everyone’s stories have relevance and worth, that means mine does too… right?

Going forward, this space is going to be a mix of my own blogs about my ongoing running training/fitness/body liberation/whatever evil thing Weight Watchers does next AND interviews with other athletes, as well as Weekly Roundups about what is going on out in the world.

Hopefully there will also be some new exciting content that I don’t want to delve into too much just yet…

Thanks for sticking with me so far. #YouBelongHere

- Riley