Jason Suarez

Running Photography with Jason Suarez, Parkdale Road Runners, and The Creator Class

On October 15th my boyfriend and I hit up a Running Photography workshop hosted by The Creator Class in Toronto and guided by Jason Suarez, aka @notafraid2fail. Jason is an amazing photographer and member of the Pansa Boyz, a running group who have been profiled in Runner’s World for calling out double-standards when it comes to body size in the sport.

I’m a big fan. As a giant running nerd, it was like taking cues from a celebrity. When I went up to congratulate him on his Chicago Marathon finish, I stumbled over my words, and 100% forgot to properly introduce myself.

Ahh well.

We worked with the local running group the Parkdale Road Runners to see if we could capture some of their weekly fun run before the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Here are some photos I took from the session. Do I have the best camera or professional skills? No. I’m a running nerd with a camera. Were most of these luck and or a total accident? Sure!

BUT I enjoyed the workshop so much I’ll be attempting to shoot Air Up There Run Club’s unsanctioned James Street Mile race in Hamilton on November 1st.


Plus I got some cool random shots of the photographers waiting for the runners to come by and other people in the park.