Weekly Roundup: An Australian hiker's survival nightmare, I joined a running group, and Instagram's new body positive posting restrictions

The new 127 Hours AKA why you always leave a note if you’re a wilderness person

Australian hiker Neil Parker made headlines this week when he fell off a waterfall climb, rendering his leg “clean snapped in half” and pulled himself towards rescue for two days. The whole bottom of his leg had “come loose” forcing him to drag it as dead weight. His wrist was broken.

Parker had no choice but to save himself because he hadn’t told anyone where he was going. He also checked his phone for signal to call for help and promptly dropped it in the creek—probably cursing the gods the the entire time.

He was finally rescued by a search crew who found him waving a coloured flag laying in a creek.

Get the full story here.

”I’m pretty confident that I’ll get back out there. I may not choose to do some more extreme stuff in the future moving forward, but it is my nature to be adventurous and want to give things a go.” - Neil Parker

NEW BLOG: I ran with other people and I didn’t die or anything

I joined a running group for the first time since I started running… 10 years ago.

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Instagram is restricting posts about diet and weight loss products

Instagram is censoring posts about diets, weight loss and detoxes to users under the age of 18 in an attempt to help combat the negative effects the platform can have on teenagers. Sorry, influencers.

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