Weekly Roundup: Running a Marathon at 100 (Or Older), Queer AF Crossfit & How to Workout in the Heat

What’s My Age Again? Running Marathons At 100+

A marathon is just 26.2 miles. Age is just a number. Dharam Pal Singh of India is just (he claims) 121 years old. Although his age can’t be verified, he’s still an elderly gent grinding out those miles—something younger runners can only be capable of as they age. Check out the short documentary about this remarkable guy below!

Turns Out CrossFit Is Queer AF

The Advocate’s David Dodge has published a great article about CrossFit’s shifting culture entitled: “How the World’s Most ‘Bro’ Sport Is Making Space For LGBTQ+ People.” It takes a look inside CrossFit’s change of gears towards more inclusive policies, the homophobic tendencies of the wider culture, and explores how that all seems to be shifting.

”…for many of us, CrossFit is the first opportunity we’ve had to discover our inner Sporty Spice free from the unspeakable horrors of a high school gym class.” Sounds good. Where do we sign?

Cool Tips For Working Out In Hot Weather

Summer is here and that means heading indoors to workout, or safely finding ways to deal with the heat. Staying hydrated and moving your workouts to times of day when the temperatures are lower are just a few of tips that can help you get your sweat on safely in the heat. Click here to read more tips over at Global News.