Weekly Roundup: Everlast features world’s first transgender boxer, how to find a size-friendly gym & more

Bustle calls for inclusion in body positive fitness spaces

Bustle wrote a great article detailing why it’s key for marginalized bodies, including fat people, queer folks and racialized people to be included in body positive fitness spaces. Sure, it sounds like a no brainer… But considering that body positivity began as a political movement and is now a marketing angle, it’s worth a read.

“The fitness industry has worked hard on making money off of making people feel badly about how they look.” - Lindsay Page, Founder of Radically Fit

Everlast features first professional male transgender boxer Patricio Manuel

Everlast’s new “Be First” campaign features a wide array of athletes, from 13-year-old Jesselyn Silva to Patricio Manuel, the first professional transgender male boxer on the books in history. Patricio shares his journey and struggle in a heartfelt video published by Everlast. Check it out below.

“It’s going to hurt. Living in your truth is going to hurt.” - Patricio Manuel

How to choose a size-inclusive gym

Self (one of the most forward-thinking health and fitness magazines in the game right now IMO) published a great list of things to look for when you’re looking for a gym or taking one for a spin with their free one-week trial. How can you tell if a membership with them is a good investment?

The article includes tips like looking for inclusive sizing if the gym has branded merch, or diverse bodies in both clientele and trainers/staff. You can find out more ways to find your size-positive gym here.

(Hint: You may also find something fun with the Superfit Hero’s Body Positive Fitness Finder.)