Movement is for every body and everybody.

The Every Body Collective is a blog focused on celebrating diversity in sports and the everyday athlete.

The goal is to tell real stories that inspire! I want to reach people who feel they don’t have a place in athletics, and help them find their favourite way to move no matter their age, size, race, sexuality or ability—without the pressure of diet culture.

The EBC blog is also where I write about my personal experiences with movement and fitness (which currently and typically means running… a bunch).



I'm Riley, a writer and runner currently living in Hamilton, Ontario.

I started this blog to share the stories of people engaging in fitness and movement on their own terms. Storytelling led me to my own love of running, and now I want to empower people to find their sport too!

When I'm not on the move or writing, I'm in the kitchen (#snacksfordays) or geeking out over The Toronto Raptors, movies and television, and superheroes.


Instagram: @rilesrunswild

Twitter: @EvBCollective

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