Movement is for every body.


The Every Body Collective’S GOAL IS TO CELEBRATE AND BUILD A diverse, BODY-POSITIVE fitness culture.


The Every Body Collective is a blog focused on celebrating body positivity, diversity, and self acceptance in today’s diet-crazed health and fitness culture.

We achieve this by dismantling diet culture and sharing the stories of every day athletes who are fearlessly embracing their passion. (#RepresentationMatters)! The goal is to help those who feel they don’t have a place in health and fitness find their niche, explore their joy.

The goal of EBC is to represent all shapes, sizes, ages, races, sexualities, and abilities.


I'm Riley, a writer and runner currently living in Hamilton, Ontario.

I started this blog to share the stories of people engaging in fitness and movement on their own terms. Storytelling led me to my own love of running, and now I want to empower people to find their sport too. 

When I'm not on the move or writing, I'm in the kitchen (#snacksfordays) or geeking out over The Toronto Raptors, movies and superheroes.


Instagram: @rilesrunswild

Twitter: @EvBCollective

Facebook: The Every Body Collective